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couple at the gare saint-lazare, c. 1937
© brassaï, from brassaï, pour l’amour de paris (for the love of paris)
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Audrey Hepburn at a restaurant in the Belgian Congo during the filming of The Nun’s Story, 1958. Photo by Leo Fuchs
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"Dearest Cecilia, the story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame."
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Taylor dancing to Afterlife at Ingrid Michaelson’s concert on July 30th

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The fact that I wanted to say this but didn’t
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Karen Joy Fowler, “The Last Worders”
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Lavender #flowers #lavender #vsco #livefolk #liveauthentic
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photo from 1945 USO tour in Trostberg Germany.
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